How we started…

It was 2003 when our dad falled in love and purchased an old farmhouse in Orte, finely restored, that would have to be a pleasure from the full and stressful working days.

This was the starting point: in 2004, the agricultural company “Le Querce Antiche” was born, owned by us 4 sisters and in a short time we have annexed to the farm other land for an extension of more than 16 hectares. Supported by our father, deep and passionate lover of the oenological world, the project of making those land a productive reality comes to life: so “LE LASE WINERY” is born.

How we continue…

We immediately had the clear aim to follow: to produce with uncompromised quality to offer to the public of pleasant wines, elegant and equipped with great personality and typicality. All our wines must meet the highest quality standards. We are busy day after day, always looking for ways to improve the vineyard and the cellar. Here is the principle that drives us every day: only with first-class grapes, we can produce excellent wine.

It’s needed  great love for our land, enormous respect for nature and many hours of work a day to achieve this goal!

At a distance of a decade since our first harvest, the most beautiful thing, the most beautiful compliment we love to receive is when someone praises us for our constant quality over time. This pushes us to improve ourselves more and more!

Le Lase

Our Timeline


Purchased country house

Enchanted by the surrounding landscape, our father decides to buy an old country house in Orte, to enjoy some relaxation moments on weekends ... All starts from here...



Planted Vineyard (I° step)

We decide to plant some vineyards. Agree with the agronomist, the choice is for: Chardonnay, Manzoni, Merlot, Sangiovese and Montepulciano (in Lazio Montepulciano grape is called Violone)



Planted Vineyard (II° step)

Always more and more enthralled by the charm of the vine, let us add more soil to the estate. It is the turn of Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot, Cabernet Franc and Canaiolo Nero.



First Harvest

And here's the biggest emotion of 2007. The first harvest ! The first tangible result after so much effort and hard work ...



Our first Wines

If in 2007 the first harvest was a great emotion, in 2008 the birth of our first 4 wines was the same emotion multiplied by 4 !! Their labels, as their names, are derived from the 4 natural elements:

Terra - (earth)
Goccia - Drop (water)
Zefiro - air
Fiamma - Flame (fire)



Cautha e Thesan: the two top red wines!

Two new wines are born: CAUTHA, a blend of Petit Verdot and Cabernet Sauvignon and THESAN which is a 100% Canaiolo Nero. They are distinguished immediately ...



The winery project

Construction work begins at the cellar. An ambitious project, by the Architect Romano Adolini; over 2500 square meters, located into the hill that overlooking the entire Tiber’s valley.



New Entry: SATRES

Satres, new special white wine : Pinot Grigio grapes with maceration on the skins for 24 hours. The wine range is now complete! Satres is a tribute to the Etruscan God of Time.




Our first production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It is an important goal because we reserve the same great passion for our olive trees that we have for our vineyards.